North Korea

                                              Republic of North Korea

North Korea

North Korea
coat of arms
1. What is the motto of North Korea?
  • Motto: "Strong and Prosperous Nation"
2. What is the national anthem of North Korea?
  • Anthem: "The Patriotic Song"
3. What are the capital and largest city in North Korea?
  • Capital and largest city: Pyongyang 39°2′N 125°45′E
4. What are the official languages of North Korea?
  • Official languages: Korean
5. What is the official script of North Korea?
  • Official script: Chosŏn'gŭl
6. What is the religious group of North Korea?
  • Religion: State atheism
7.  Which is the Demonym(s) of North Korea?
  • Demonym(s): North Korean Korean
8. Which Type of Government is ruled in North Korea?
  • Government Unitary one-party republic
  • Chairman of the Party and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission: Kim Jong-un
  • President of Assembly Presidium: Choe Ryong-hae[n 2]
  • First Vice Chairman of State Affairs Commission: Choe Ryong-Hae
  • Vice-Chairman of State Affairs Commission: Pak Pong-Ju
  • Premier of Cabinet: Kim Tok-hun
  • Assembly Chairman: Pak Thae-song
9. Which type of the Legislature is present in North Korea?
  • Legislature: Supreme People's Assembly
  • First Kingdom: c. 7th century BC
  • Three Kingdoms: 18 BC
  • North-South Kingdoms: 698
  • Goryeo dynasty: 918
  • Joseon dynasty: 1392
  • Korean Empire: 12 October 1897
  • Japanese annexation: 29 August 1910
  • Declaration of Independence: 1 March 1919
  • Provisional Government: 11 April 1919
  • Independence from Japan: 15 August 1945
  • Soviet administration of Korea north of the 38th parallel: 8 February 1946
  • Foundation of the DPRK: 9 September 1948
  • Current constitution: 27 December 1972
  • Admitted to the UN: 17 September 1991
10. What is the total area of North Korea?
  • Total: 120,540 km2 (46,540 sq mi)
11. What is the total area of water in North Korea?
  • Water (%): 0.11
12. What is the Total Population of North Korea?
  • 2018 estimate: 25,549,604
  • 2008 census: 24,052,231
13.  What is the total population of North Korea as per the density area?
    • Density: 212/km2 (549.1/sq mi) (45th)
    14. What is the total GDP(PPP) of North Korea?
    • Total: $40 billion
    15.  How Much is the Per Capita Income of North Korea?
    • Per capita: $1,800
    16. What is the GDP(nominal) of North Korea?
    • Total: $30 billion
    • Per capita: $1,300
    17. What is the currency of North Korea?
    • Currency: Korean People's won (₩) (KPW)
    18. What is the Time Zone of North Korea?
    • Time zone: UTC+9 (Pyongyang Time)
    19. What is the date format of North Korea?
    • Date format: yy, yyyy/mm/dd (AD–1911 / AD)
    20. What is the Driving side in North Korea?
    • Driving side: right
    21. What is the calling code of North Korea?
    • Calling code +850
    22. What is the ISO 3166 Code of North Korea?
    • ISO 3166 code   KP
    23. What is Internet TLD in North Korea?
    • Internet TLD .kp

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