Republic of Lebanon


coat of arms
1. What is the national anthem of Lebanon?
  • Anthem: "All of us! For our Country!" (English) 
2. What are the capital and largest city in Lebanon?
  • Capital and largest city: Beirut 33°54′N 35°32′E
3. What are the official languages of Lebanon?
  • Official languages: Arabic[nb 1]
4. What is the Local vernacular of Lebanon?
  • Local vernacular: Lebanese Arabic[nb 2]
5. What are the Religious groups of Lebanon?
  • 54% of Muslim
  • 41% Christian
  • 5% Druze
6.  Which is the Demonym(s) of Lebanon?
  • Demonym(s): Lebanese
7. Which Type of Government is ruled in Lebanon?
  • Government: Unitary parliamentary confessionalist constitutional republic
8. Who is the current president of Lebanon?
  • President: Michel Aoun
9. Who is the prime minister of Lebanon?
  • Prime Minister: Hassan Diab (Caretaker)
10. Who is the speaker of the parliament in Lebanon?
  • Speaker of the Parliament: Nabih Berri
11. Which type of legislature is present in Lebanon?
  • Legislature-Parliament
  • Greater Lebanon: 1 September 1920
  • Constitution: 23 May 1926
  • Independence declared: 22 November 1943
  • French mandate ended: 24 October 1945
  • Withdrawal of French forces: 17 April 1946
  • Syrian and Israeli occupations: 1976–2005
  • Israeli troops withdrew: 24 May 2000
  • Syrian troops withdrew: 30 April 2005
12. What is the total area of Lebanon?
  • Total: 10,452 km2 (4,036 sq mi) (161st)
13.  What is the total area of water in Lebanon?
  • Water (%): 1.8
14. What is the Total Population of Lebanon?
  • 2018 estimate : 6,859,408
15.  What is the total population of  Lebanon as per the density area?
  • Density: 560/km2 (1,450.4/sq mi) (21st)
16. What is the total GDP(PPP) of Lebanon?
  • Total: $91 billion
17.  How Much is the Per Capita Income of Lebanon?
  • Per capita: $15,049
18. What is the GDP(nominal) of  Lebanon?
  • Total: $58 billion (82nd)
  • Per capita: $9,655
19. How Much is the Gini of Lebanon?
  • Gini: Positive decrease 50.7 high 
20. How Much is the HDI of Lebanon?
  • HDI (2018): Decrease 0.730 high
21. What is the currency of Lebanon?
  • Currency: Lebanese pound (LBP)
22. What is the Time zone of Lebanon?
  • Time zone: UTC+2 (EET)
23. What is the summer (DST) of Lebanon?
  • Summer (DST): UTC+3 (EEST)
24. What is the Driving side of Lebanon?
  • Driving side: right 
25. What is the calling code of Lebanon?
  • Calling code +961
26. What is the ISO 3166 code of Lebanon?
  • ISO 3166 code LB
27. What is the Internet TLD of Lebanon?
  • Internet TLD .lb
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