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                                                Republic of Kuwait


coat of arms
1. What is the national anthem Kuwait?
  • Anthem: an-Nashīd al-Waṭani National Anthem
2. What are the capital and largest city in Kuwait?
  • Capital and largest city: Kuwait City 29°22′N 47°58′E
3. What are the official languages of Kuwait?
  • Official languages: Arabic
4. What are the ethnic groups of Kuwait?
  • 40.42% Asian
  • 30.36% Kuwaiti
  • 27.29% Other Arabs
  • 1.02% African
  • 0.39% European
  • 0.52% Other
5. What are the religious groups of Kuwait?
  • 74.36% of Islam (official)
  • 18.17% of Christianity
  • 7.47% Other
6. Which is the Demonym(s) of  Kuwait?
  • Demonym(s): Kuwaiti
7. Which Type of Government is ruled in Kuwait?
  • Government: Unitary constitutional monarchy, with near-absolute political domination by the Sabah family
8. Who is the prime minister of Kuwait?
  • Emir: Sabah Ahmad al-Sabah
  • Prime Minister: Sabah Khalid al-Sabah
9. Who is the speaker of the national assembly in Kuwait?
  • Speaker of the National Assembly: Marzouq Ali al-Ghanim
10. Which type of the Legislature is present in Kuwait?
  • Legislature: National Assembly
  • Independence from the Emirate of Al Hasa: 1752
  • Anglo-Ottoman Convention: 1913
  • End of treaties with the United Kingdom: 19 June 1961
11. What is the total area of Kuwait?
  • Total: 17,818 km2 (6,880 sq mi) 
12. What is the total area of water in Kuwait?
  • Water (%): negligible
13.  What is the Total Population of  Kuwait?
  • 2019 estimate: 4,420,110 Decrease 
  • 2005 census: 2,213,403
14. What is the total population of  Kuwait as per the density area?  Kuwait?
  • Density: 200.2/km2 (518.5/sq mi)
15. What is the total GDP(PPP) of Kuwait?
  • Total: $303 billion
16. How Much is the Per Capita Income of    Kuwait?
  • Per capita: Decrease $67,891
17. What is the GDP(nominal) of Kuwait?
  • Total: $118.271 billion
  • Per capita: $28,199
18.  How Much is the HDI of Kuwait?
  • HDI (2018): Decrease 0.808 very high
19. What is the currency of  Kuwait?
  • Currency: Kuwaiti dinar (KWD)
20. What is the Time Zone of  Kuwait?
  • Time zone: UTC+3 (AST)
21. What is the date format of  Kuwait?
  • Date format: dd/mm/yyyy (CE)
22.  What is the Driving side in Kuwait?
  • Driving side: right
23. What is the calling code of Kuwait?
  • Calling code +965
24. What is the ISO 3166 Code of  Kuwait?
  • ISO 3166 code KW
25. What is Internet TLD in Kuwait?
  • Internet TLD .kw
so Finally this is all about Kuwait. Hope You Like It. Sharing Is Caring.


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