Mobile Phone-Related Full Forms List

Mobile Phone-Related Full Forms

Mobile Phone-Related Full Forms

 Abbreviations  Full Forms
 ACAuthentication Centre 
 ACREAuthorization and Call Routing Equipment 
 AMOLEDActive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode 
 AMPSAdvance Mobile Phone Service 
 BS Base Station 
 BSC Base Station Controller 
 BSSBase Station System 
 CAMELCustomized Applications (for) Mobile-network Enhanced Logic
 CDMACode Division Multiple Access 
 CMASCommercial Mobile Alert Service 
 CSIM CDMA Subscriber Identify Module 
 EDGEEnhanced Data (for) GSM Evolution 
 EEEverything Everywhere 
 EGSMExtended Global System (for) Mobile 
 EIREquipment Identify Register 
 EMSEnhanced Message Service 
 ESN Electronic Serial Number 
 ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute 
 EUIMIDExpanded User Identity Module Identifier 
 FACFinal Assembly Code 
 GMSC Gateway Mobile Switching Centre  
 GPSGlobal Positioning System 
 GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Services 
 GPUGraphics Processing Unit 
 GSMGlobal System (for) Mobile 
 GSMA Global System (for) Mobile Association
 GSMSGPRS Short Message Service
 GTPGPRS Tunnelling Protocol 
 ICCIDIntegrated Circuit Card Identifier 
 IMEIInternational Mobile Equipment Identity 
 IMSIInternational Mobile Subscriber Identity 
 LAILocal Area Identity 
 LTELong Term Evolution 
 MAGMobile Access Gateway 
 MAPMobile Application Part 
 MEIDMobile Equipment Identifier 
 MCCMobile Country Code 
 MIMMobile Instant Messaging 
 MINMobile Identification Number 
 MMSMultimedia Message Service 
 MNC Mobile Network Code 
 MNOMobile Network Operator 
 MNPMobile Number Portability 
 MP3MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3(Moving/Motion Picture Expert Group3) 
 MP4MPEG-4 Part 14(Moving/Motion Picture Expert Group4)  
 MS Mobile Station 
 MSCMobile Switching Center(s) 
 MSEMobile Station Equipment 
 MSINMobile Station Identification Number 
 MTMobile Terminated 
 MTSOMobile Telephone Switching Office 
 MVNAMobile Virtual Network Aggregators 
 MVNE Mobile Virtual Network Enabler
 MVNOMobile Virtual Network Operator 
 NUCNetwork Unlocking Code 
 OMAOpen Mobile Alliance 
 PACPort Authorisation Code 
 PAYGPay As You Go 
 PDAPersonal Digital Assistant; Portable Digital Assistant 
 PIMPersonal Information Manager 
 PIN Personal Identification Number 
 PLMNPublic Land Mobile Network 
 PUKPin Unlock Key 
 R-UIMRemovable-User Identity Module 
 SAPSIM Access Profile 
 SGPSSimultaneous Global Positioning System 
 SICSystem Identification Code 
 SIMSubscriber Identity Module 
 SMS Short Message Service
 SMSC Short Message Service Centre
 SNSSocial Network Service; Social Network Server 
 TMSITemporary Mobile Subscriber Identity 
 UIUser Interface 
 UIMID User Identity Module Identifier 
 UMAUnlicensed Mobile Access
 UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System 
 USIMUniversal Subscriber Identity Module
VLRVisitor Location Register 
 VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol 


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