What Is The Rosetta Stone

What Is The Rosetta Stone?

What Is The Rosetta Stone?
Rosetta stone
>Hieroglyphs square measure the written symbols that were employed by scribes in ancient Egypt. whereas they seem to be footage or pictographs, they typically stood for sound or acoustics. The hieroglyphic system of writing nonexistent from Egypt by regarding the fifth century A.D. and with it all data of a way to translate the advanced symbols.

>Then, in 1799, a Frenchman in Rosetta, Egypt-now referred to as Rashid-discovered a black granite stone from the second century B.C. that bore inscriptions in Egyptian hieroglyphic, Egyptian demotic, and Greek. By scrutiny the symbols within the 3 completely different writing systems, he was ready to begin to decipher the traditional Egyptian hieroglyphs, revealing a text written by clergymen in honor of the ruler.

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