What Is An Iceberg

What Is An Iceberg?

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An iceberg forms once an outsized chunk of ice calves, or breaks off, from an ice mass and falls into the ocean. The word comes from the Dutch Ijsberg, ice hill.

Icebergs area unit fashioned of fresh, not H2O. The water in icebergs is thus pure that in some places chunks of the iceberg area unit removed and liquefied, and also the ensuing water is employed in a change of state and production.
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In the hemisphere, most icebergs originate from glaciers on Kalaallit Nunaat, and that they usually drift southward into the North Atlantic Ocean. within the hemisphere, Glaciers often calve from glaciers in the Antarctic continent.

As very little as a tenth of an ice mass is visibly higher than the water- a development that galvanized the acquainted phrase "That's simply the tip of the iceberg". Sharp ice on the hidden components of Associate in Nursing iceberg poses a threat to ships like the historic ocean liner large, whose hull was cut by underwater ice in 1912, leading to the swift sinking of the ship and also the tragic death of over one,500 people.

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