How Do Dams Work

How Do Dams Work?
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Dams Work
A dam may be a structure designed across a stream to manage its flow. generally, a reservoir or lake is made behind the dam and may be used for recreation. Water flow controlled by a dam could also be wont to provide water to near communities, to power an electricity plant, or to irrigate crops.

Dams will be in-built totally different styles and of various materials like earth, rock, or concrete. Most giant dams area units manufactured from concrete. they're usually designed to arch toward the incoming flow of water, a style that has further strength and distributes the load of the water to the ends of the dam.
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Dams usually have a valve in-built to permit operators to unharness excess water from the upstream facet. They even have spillways to unharness larger amounts of water so as to forestall unwanted flooding.

Dam building- as within the case of the development of the Nil's dike within the late nineteenth century or of China's 3 Gorges Dam within the twentieth century- generally floods land that has importance economically, culturally, or as life environs. Dams should be designed to resist the challenge of floods or earthquakes. the monumental injury will occur once a significant dam breaks, usually together with loss of life.

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