What is Geomagnetism?

What is Geomagnetism? 

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Scientists believe that Earth's magnetism arises from electrical currents generated by the movement of hot liquid iron in its core. The currents produce a field of force with invisible lines of force flowing between Earth's geomagnetic poles. These don't seem to be an equivalent because the North and South poles and, additional importantly, they're not stationary. The geomagnetic poles mark the ends of the axis of Earth's field of force.

In 1971 a bunch of scientists investigates a thirty,000- year- recent aboriginal camping site in Australia discovered that the fire's heat had allowed iron particles within the stones to align with Earth's field of force at the time. what is additional, the iron particles pointed South, indicating that compass north at that point should are somewhere within the Antarctic. the invention confirmed alternative recent reversals of the Earth's field of force.

It is currently understood that major reversals in Earth's field of force occur concerning each [*fr1] 1,000,000 years. shorter flips, lasting a number of thousand to two hundred,000 years, occur at alternative times. These reversals are clearly recorded within the rocks created within the seafloor's the eastern Ridge, that ar frantic from the ridge by shifting ocean-floor plates.

Earth's field of force dominates a district known as the magnetic flux, that wraps around the planet and therefore the atmosphere.

Solar wind-charged particles flowing from the sun-presses the magnetic flux against Earth on the facet facing the sun and stretches it on the shadow facet.

Nevertheless, some particles of solar radiation do leak through and ar cornered within the Van Allen belts. once they hit atoms of gas within the higher atmosphere close to the geomagnetic poles, they manufacture the eerie lightweight displays that ar known as auroras. 

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