How Could The Ancients Measure The Earth

How Could The Ancients Measure The Earth?

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The early expert Eratosthenes(ca 276-194 b.c.), head of the nice library at Alexandria in Egypt, created maps of the far-famed world, from land Isles to country and from the Caspian to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. He devised a mapping system exploitation meridians and parallels and so presaged latitude and meridian, that was planned a century later.

Eratosthenes additionally accurately calculable the circumference of the Earth: His calculation was fewer than 4000 miles removed from the particular measuring of 24840 miles. He noted the position of the sun at the midsummer at 2 totally different locations, and, forward that the world was a sphere, increased the space between the 2 by the portion of a circle drawn by that distance. Minor errors, compounded, contributed to his overestimation.

Few geographers accepted his calculation, preferring a smaller variety generated by another expert. To uranologist, however, giantr|a bigger} Earth circumference advised that every one the recognize seas should be connected into one large ocean.

Greek stargazer astronomer (ca190-126 b.c.) contributed considerably to the science of cartography moreover. once plotting the position of bright stars exploitation latitude and meridian, astronomer developed a measuring system exploitation 360 as a baseline from that to plot positions on the Earth's surface.

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