What is Landsat ?

What is  Landsat?
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Image: Earth

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Landsat may be a series of remote-controlled scientific satellites equipped with cameras, launched by u. s. starting in 1972. With a primary mission of grouping data regarding Earth's natural resources and watching region and oceanic conditions, Landsat collects surface pictures in bands of one hundred fifteen miles sq. and has the potential to rephotograph every space every eighteen days. Overall, the Landsat system provides low- and medium-resolution mapping.

Newer Landsat satellites have additional data-gathering instrumentality, as well as a thematic plotter with resolution in seven spectral bands, or wavelengths of sunshine.

In 1985 Landsat became personal however was transferred back to the govt management in 1992. Landsat eight was launched in February 2013 and has higher resolution instruments than earlier models.  

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