How does GPS Work ?

How does GPS Work?

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GPS In Mobile 

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  1. GPS - international Positioning System- could be a space-age version of triangulation. Originally developed for military use, GPS has 3 components: Satellites Orbiting Earth, Master management Stations round the world, and receivers put in in locations starting from service destroyers to personal golf carts.
  2. In the U.S. GPS system, XXIV Navstar satellites orbit the earth every twelve hours, following six completely different orbits. 3 extra satellites orbit as a backup. The satellites contain atomic clocks that send exactly times with every signal. The management stations monitor the satellites, exploitation pilotless aboard thrusters to manage their positions.
  3. When a GPS user toward land or ocean demand location info, signals pass from orbiting satellites to its user's receiver. The length of your time taken by the transmissions-usually a fraction of a second-helps verify the gap to a degree on the AN notional sphere, and therefore the user's latitude and meridian are often calculated by exploitation the arithmetic of triangulation. 3 satellites would serve, however a lot of offer redundancy and atone for inaccuracies.
  4. GPS signals area unit broadcast on 2 completely different frequencies, one for military use and one for civilian use. Civilian augmentation will offer an exact location to at intervals zero.4 of an in..

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