Republic of Ethiopia


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1. What is the national anthem of Ethiopia?

  • Anthem: English: "March Forward, Dear Mother Ethiopia"
2. What are the capital and the largest in Ethiopia?
  • Capital and largest city: Addis Ababa 9°1′N 38°45′E
3. What are the official languages of Ethiopia?
  • Official languages: Amharic
4. What are the regional languages of Ethiopia?
  • Regional languages: AfarHarariOromoTigrinyaSidamaSomaliLanguages of Ethiopia
  • Foreign languages: English
5. What are the religious groups of Ethiopia?
  • 62.8% of Christianity
  • 43.5% Ethiopian Orthodoxy
  • 18.6% Pentay (Protestantism)
  • 0.7% Catholicism
  • 33.9% of Islam
  • 2.6% Traditional faiths
  • 0.7% Others/None
6. Which is the Demonym(s) of Ethiopia?
  • Demonym(s): Ethiopian*
7. Which Type of Government is ruled in Ethiopia?
  • Government Ethnofederalist parliamentary constitutional republic
8. Who is the current president of Ethiopia?
  • President: Sahle-Work Zewde
9. Who is the prime minister and deputy minister of Ethiopia?
  • Prime Minister: Abiy Ahmed
  • Deputy Prime Minister: Demeke Mekonnen
  • Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives: Tagesse Chafo
  • President of the Federal Supreme Court: Meaza Ashenafi
10. Which type of the Legislature is present in Ethiopia?
  • Legislature: Federal Parliamentary Assembly
  • Upper house: House of Federation
  • Lower house: House of Peoples' Representatives
  • Dʿmt: c. 980 BCE
  • Kingdom of Aksum: c. 100 CE
  • Zagwe Dynasty: 900
  • Ethiopian Empire: 1137
  • Occupied & Annexed into Italian East Africa: 1936
  • Sovereignty restored: 1941
  • Provisional Military Government of Socialist Ethiopia: 1974
  • People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia:1987
  • The secession of Eritrea: 1993
  • Current constitution: 21 August 1995
11. What is the total area of Ethiopia?
  • Total: 1,104,300 km2 (426,400 sq mi) 
12. What is the Total Area of Water in Ethiopia?
  • Water (%): 0.7
13.  What is the Total Population of Ethiopia?
  • 2018 estimate: 109,224,414
  • 2007 census: 73,750,932
14. What is the total population of Ethiopia as per the density area?
  • Density: 92.7/km2 (240.1/sq mi) 
15. What is the total GDP(PPP) of Ethiopia?
  • Total: $240.168 billion
16. How Much is the Per Capita Income of Ethiopia?
  •  Per capita: $2,701
17. What is the GDP(nominal) of Ethiopia?
  • Total: $103.607 billion
  • Per capita: $1,066
18. How Much is the Gini of Ethiopia?
  • Gini (2011): Negative increase 33.6 medium
19. How Much is the HDI of Ethiopia?
  • HDI (2018): Increase 0.470 low 
20. What is the Currency of Ethiopia?
  • Currency: Birr (ETB)
21. What is the Time Zone of Ethiopia?
  • Time zone: UTC+3 (EAT)
22. What is the Driving Side in Ethiopia?
  • Driving side: right
23. What is the Calling Code of Ethiopia?
  • Calling code +251
24. What is the ISO 3166 Code of Ethiopia?
  • ISO 3166 code ET
25. What is Internet TLD in Ethiopia?
  • Internet TLD .et
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