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Cape Verde

Cape Verde
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1. What is the motto of Cape Verde?

  • Motto:  Unidade, Trabalho, Progresso  (Portuguese) (English: "Unity, Work, Progress")
2. What is the national anthem of Cape Verde?
  • Anthem: C├óntico da Liberdade  (Portuguese) (English: "Chant of Freedom")
3. Which are the capital and largest city in Cape Verde?
  • Capital and largest city: Praia 14°55′N 23°31′W
4. What are the official languages of Cape Verde?
  • Official languages: Portuguese
5. What are the Recognized national languages of Cape Verde?
  • Recognized national languages: Cape Verdean Creole
6. What are the Religion groups of Cape Verde?
  • 85.3% of Christianity
  • 77.3% Catholicism
  • 8.0% Other Christian
  • 10.8% No religion
  • 3.9% Others
7. Which is the Demonym(s) of Cape Verde?
  • Demonym(s): Cape Verdean or Cabo Verdean
8. Which Type of Government is ruled in Cape Verde?
  • Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic
9. Who is the current president of Cape Verde?
  • President: Jorge Carlos Fonseca
10. Who is the prime minister of Cape Verde?
  • Prime Minister: Ulisses Correia e Silva
11. Which type of the Legislature is present in Cape Verde?
  • Legislature: National Assembly
  • Independence from Portugal: 5 July 1975
  • Multi-party system: 13 January 1990
12. What is the Total Area of Cape Verde?
  • Total: 4,033 km2 (1,557 sq mi) (166th)
13. What is the Total Area of Water in Cape Verde?
  • Water (%): negligible
14. What is the Total Population of Cape Verde?
  • 2018 estimate: 543,767
15.  What is the Total Population of Cape Verde as a Per Density Area?
  • Density: 123.7/km2 (320.4/sq mi) 
16. What is the total GDP(PPP) of Cape Verde?
  • Total: $4.323 billion
17. How Much is the Per Capita Income of Cape Verde?
  • Per capita: $7,728
18.  What is the GDP(nominal) of Cape Verde?
  • Total: $2.042 billion
  •  Per capita: $3,651
19. How Much is the Gini of Cape Verde?
  • Gini (2008): 47.2 high
20. How Much is the HDI of Cape Verde?
  • HDI (2018): Increase 0.651
21. What is the currency of Cape Verde?

  • Currency: Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)
22. What is the Time Zone of Cape Verde?
  • Time zone: UTC–1 (CVT)
23. What is the summer (DST) OF Cape Verde?
  •  Summer (DST): UTC–1 (not observed)
24. What is the Driving Side in Cape Verde?
  • Driving side: right
25. What is the Calling Code of Cape Verde?
  • Calling code: +238
26. What is the ISO 3166 Code of Cape Verde?
  • ISO 3166 code CV
27. What is the Internet TLD of  Cape Verde?
  • Internet TLD .cv
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