Why Did The Dinosaurs Disappear

Why Did The Dinosaurs Disappear?

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Something forceful happened on Earth regarding sixty-five million years agone. inline with one theory, AN asteroid quite half dozen miles across affected simply off the coast of Mexico's peninsula. The impact created the Chicxulub crater, quite a hundred and ten miles wide, and caused a huge cloud. The dirt settled, forming the layer of iridium-rich clay currently found in an exceeding rock beneath the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and in most northern landmasses.

The cloud doubtless caused world temperatures to drop. scientists link this international cooling to the extinction of dinosaurs and diverse different plant and animal species. The fossil record shows this disappearance within the important variations between the remains from the Cretaceous(K) amount of the geological era and people from the Tertiary(T) amount of the Cenozoic -a transition purpose known as the K-T boundary.

Other geological events caused atmospherical changes that will even have contributed to the mass extinction. 

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