Where Are All The Bees

Where Are All The Bees?

Where Are All The Bees
Honey Bees
In October 2006, U.S. beekeepers began noticing that they were losing some thirty to ninety p.c of the population of their hives. The development has become called colony collapse disorder. Associate in Nursing affected hive can still have a live queen and sometimes some honey and a few immature bees, however, no adult employee bees square measure to be found, dead or alive.

Possible causes embody pesticides, the looks of a replacement parasite or infectious agent, or a mixture of Stress factors: hive overcrowding or poor nutrition. Researchers have additionally found that pollution will cut back the vary of a flower's scent by seventy-five percent- another potential consider colony collapse.
Where Are All The Bees
The loss of Apis mellifera hives may severely have an effect on U.S. agriculture, particularly the assembly of wacky and alternative woodlet crops, wherever bees square measure accustomed to promote fertilization, that guarantees Associate in Nursing luxuriant crop. In areas suffering from colony collapse disorder, growers square measure truckage in hives of unaffected bees from long distances to accomplish fertilization.

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