What are Solar Flares

What are Solar Flares

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Solar Flares

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Solar flares square measure sharp eruptions on the surface of the sun, like those shown below and therefore the opposite. generally occurring throughout the height of the place cycle, these violent releases of energy eject billions of plenty of charged particles at quite 600 miles per second into the house, similarly as spewing out radiation starting from radio waves to x-rays.

A flare typically lasts solely some minutes. At that point, its temperature will reach many million kelvins. (for comparison, note that the best-recorded temperature on Earth, 136 degrees F, is up to solely regarding 331 degrees K).

The charged particles of solar radiation some times reach Earth's force field, which might cause auroras and geomagnetic storms, disrupt satellite communications, and endanger astronauts in house.

Unusually giant star flares will have broader consequences on Earth. as an example, on Gregorian calendar month twenty-eight, 2003, a large solar radiation shot charged energetic particles right at our planet. Airplanes were entertained off from the poles as a result of passengers would are exposed to magnified radiation. an influence blackout occurred in Sweden and a few satellites were broken. Even the astrophysicist house Telescope had to position in its "SAFE" mode to safeguard its delicate physical science.

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