The secrets of the Helios(Sun).

This article about knowing some of the known and unknown secrets of the Sun and the measurements, orbital and physical characteristics of Sun.
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The Sun

Are There An Alternative Names For The Sun?

  • The answer is yes, there are some alternative names for the Sun they are Sun, Sol, Helios.
  • And the Adjective form of the name of the Sun is Solar.

The Orbital characteristics of the Sun.

  • Mean distance from Milky Way core ≈ 2.7×1017 km 27,200 light-years.
  • The Galactic period of the Sun is  (2.25–2.50)×108 yr.
  • The Velocity of the Sun is  ≈ 220 km/s (orbit around the center of the Milky Way)≈ 20 km/s (relative to the average velocity of other stars in the stellar neighborhood)≈ 370 km/s (relative to the cosmic microwave background)

The Physical Characteristics of the Sun.

  • The Equatorial radius of the sun is 695,700 km,696,342 km,109 × Earth.
  • The Equatorial circumference of the Sun is 4.379×106 km,109 × Earth.
  • The Ellipticity of the Sun is 9×10−6.
  • The total Surface area of the Sun is  6.09×1012 km2,12,000 × Earth.
  • The total volume of the Sun is 1.41×1018 km3,1,300,000 × Earth.
  • The total mass of the Sun is 1.9884×1030 kg,333,000 × Earth.
  • The average density of the Sun is  1.408 g/cm3,0.255 × Earth.
  • The Center density (modeled) of the Sun is 162.2 g/cm3,12.4 × Earth.
  • The Equatorial surface gravity of the Sun is 274 m/s2,28 × Earth.
  • The Moment of inertia factor of the Sun is 0.070[5] (estimate).
  • The Escape velocity(from the surface) of the Sun is  617.7 km/s,55 × Earth.
  • The Temperature Center (modeled) of the Sun is  1.57×107 K.
  • The Photosphere (effective) of the Sun is  5,772 K.
  • The Corona of the Sun is  ≈ 5×106 K.
  • The Luminosity (Lsol)of the Sun is 3.828×1026 W,≈ 3.75×1028 lm,≈ 98 lm/W efficacy.
  • The Color (B-V) of the Sun is  0.63.
  • The Mean radiance (Isol) of the Sun is 2.009×107 W·m−2·sr−1.
  • The Age of the Sun is  ≈ 4.6 billion years.

The Rotation characteristics of the Sun.

  • The Obliquity of the Sun is  7.25°(to the ecliptic)67.23°(to the galactic plane).
  • The Right ascension of North pole from the Sun is  286.13°,19 h 4 min 30 s.
  • The Declination of North pole of the Sun is +63.87°,63° 52' North.
  • The Sidereal rotation period of the Sun is (at the equator) 25.05 days, (at 16° latitude)25.38 days, 25 d 9h 7 min 12 s,(at poles)34.4 days.
  • The Rotation velocity of the Sun is  (at the equator) 7.189×103 km/h.

The Scrutinized Data of the Sun.

  • The Mean distance from Earth is 1 au ≈ 1.496×108 km,8 min 19 s at light speed.
  • The Visual brightness (V) of the Sun is  −26.74.
  • The Absolute magnitude of the Sun is 4.83.
  • The Spectral classification of the Sun is G2V.
  • The Metallicity of the Sun is Z = 0.0122.
  • The angular size of the Sun is 31.6–32.7 minutes of arc.

% Of Gases in the Sun.

  1. Hydrogen 73.46%
  2. Helium 24.85%
  3. Oxygen 0.77%
  4. Carbon 0.29%
  5. Iron 0.16%
  6. Neon 0.12%
  7. Nitrogen 0.09%
  8. Silicon 0.07%
  9. Magnesium 0.05%
  10. Sulfur 0.04%
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