The secrets of the Cynthia(Moon).

This article about knowing some of the known and unknown secrets of the Moon and the measurements, orbital and physical characteristics of Moon.

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The Moon

Are there any Alternative names for the moon?

  • The answer is yes, there are some alternative names for the Moon is  LunaSelene, (poetic), Cynthia(poetic).
  • And the Adjective form of the name of the Moon is LunarSelenian (poetic), Cynthian (poetic).

The Orbital characteristics of the Moon.

  • The Perigee of the Moon is 362600 km (356400–370400 km).
  • The Apogee of the Moon is 405400 km (404000–406700 km).
  • The Semi-major axis of the Moon is 384399 km  (0.00257 AU).
  • The Eccentricity of the Moon is 0.0549.
  • The Orbital period of the Moon is 27.321661 d (27 d 7 h 43 min 11.5 s).
  • The Synodic period of the Moon is 29.530589 d (29 d 12 h 44 min 2.9 s).
  • The Average orbital speed of the Moon is 1.022 km/s.
  • The Inclination of the Moon is  5.145° to the ecliptic.
  • The Longitude of ascending node of the Moon is Regressing by one revolution in 18.61 years.
  • The Argument of perigee of the Moon is Progressing by one revolution in 8.85 years.
  • The satellite of Earth is Moon.

The Physical Characteristics of the Moon.

  • The Mean radius of the Moon is 1737.4 km(0.2727 of Earth's).
  • The Equatorial radius of the Moon is 1738.1 km(0.2725 of Earth's).
  • The Polar radius of the Moon is 1736.0 km(0.2731 of Earth's).
  • The Ellipticity of the Moon is 0.0012.
  • The Circumference of the Moon is  10921 km  (equatorial).
  • The total Surface area of the Moon is 3.793×107 km2 (0.074 of Earth's).
  • The total volume of the Moon is 2.1958×1010 km3 (0.020 of Earth's).
  • The total mass of the Moon is7.342×1022 kg (0.012300 of Earth's).
  • The Mean density of the Moon is 3.344 g/cm3,0.606 × Earth.
  • The Surface gravity of the Moon is 1.62 m/s2  (0.1654 g).
  • The Moment of the inertia factor of the Moon is 0.3929±0.0009.
  • The Escape velocity of the Moon is 2.38 km/s.
  • The Sidereal rotation period of the Moon is 27.321661 days  (synchronous).
  • The Equatorial rotation velocity of the Moon is 4.627 m/s.
  • The Obliquity of the Moon is 1.5424° to the ecliptic, 6.687° to orbit plane, 24° to Earth's equator.
  • The North pole right ascension of the Moon is  17h 47m 26s, 266.86°.
  • The North pole declination of the Moon is 65.64°.
  • The Albedo of the Moon is 0.136.
  • Surface temp.             min mean max
  • Equator:                     100 K 220 K 390 K
  • 85°N:                                  150 K 230 K
  • The Apparent magnitude of the Moon is −2.5 to −12.9,−12.74  (mean full moon).
  • The angular diameter of the Moon is 29.3 to 34.1 arcminutes.
  • The three primary gases in the lunar atmosphere are neon, helium, and hydrogen, in roughly equal amounts. Small amounts of methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and water were also detected.
  • The moon's surface is covered with dead volcanoes, impact craters, and lava flows, some visible to the unaided stargazer. Early scientists thought the dark stretches of the moon might be oceans, and so named such features mare, which is Latin for "seas" (maria when there are more than one).

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