How Does Fracking Work?

How Does Fracking Work?

How Does Fracking Work?
Fracking oil drilling

Fracking uses the hard-hitting injection of water, sand, and chemicals to interrupt open subterranean sedimentary rock and hold the freshly shaped fissures open in order that oil and gas will flow to the wellhead and be pumped-up to the surface.

It's a method that has been used around ancient wells for many years as the simplest way to coax additional production from a reservoir.

In combination with horizontal drilling, however, it's allowed access to Brobdingnagian quantities of antecedently inaccessible oil and fossil fuel.

The pipes used for oil and gas production area unit stiff in individual sections, however, once thousands of feet of pipes area unit set up along, they will bend a full ninety degrees.

As a result, a wellbore is turned in any direction and pushed through rock formations.
Advances in fracking technology enable engineers to steer the drill head additional exactly and sense the chemical properties of the encircling rock.

Oil field engineers will then target on petroleum-rich seams.

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