How Do Rivers Form Their Shapes

How Do Rivers Form Their Shapes?
How Do Rivers Form Their Shapes
Rivers Form Their Shapes

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Form its supply in an exceedingly melting mountain ice mass, a stream flows fleetly downhill, cutting a slim vale. Smaller streams, known as tributaries, flow in from spring and lakes. wherever the stream tumbles over rocks and down steep bluffs, rapids and waterfalls occur. Farther downstream the parcel flattens out and therefore the stream flows additional slowly, winding from facet to facet.

A mature stream meanders, making giant, lazy loops that generally curve such a lot, solely a slim neck of land separates either facet of the loop. The streaming step by step widens and forms a field, and because it nears the ocean it should kinda marsh.

Shedding the significant load of sand, silt, and clay it's been moving on, the stream creates associate degree expanse of flat, fertile land known as a delta.

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