What Does It Mean To Be An Astronaut

What Does It Mean To Be An Astronaut

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In 1959 seven handpicked pilots became the primary U.S. astronauts, or "STAR SAILORS". Initially, all were to be qualified check pilots. skilled scientists were enclosed in 1965, and additionally joined once National Aeronautics and Space Administration began the spacecraft program in 1972. ladies and minorities were conjointly sided to the roll, eventually commanding shuttle flights. The U.S. program currently has fewer than 100 active astronauts.

Astronauts' duties embrace walking in the house, flying the shuttle, and constructing the International orbiter. They conjointly conduct experiments, build observations, maintain and repair instrumentation, and contribute to the planning and testing of recent house vehicles.

In 2001 non-public subject Dennis national leader paid a reportable $20 million to board a Russian space vehicle for a"vacation" that enclosed a keep aboard the International orbiter. The U.S. and Russian house agencies talk to house tourists as "Spaceflight Participants".

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