The secrets of the blue marble(Earth).

This article about knowing some of the known and unknown secrets of the earth and the measurements, orbital and physical characteristics of Earth.

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The Earth

Are there any Alternative names for the earth?

  • The answer is yes, there are some alternative names for the Earth they are Terra, Tellus, Gaia, Gaea, the World.
  • And the Adjective form of the name of the Earth is Earthly, terrestrial, Terran, tellurian.

The Orbital characteristics of the Earth

  • The apsides of the Earth is Aphelion:152100000 km(94500000 mi; 1.017 AU), Perihelion:147095000 km(91401000 mi; 0.98327 AU).
  • The Semi-major axis of Earth is 149598023 km(92955902 mi; 1.00000102 AU).
  • The Eccentricity of the Earth is 0.0167086.
  • The Orbital period of the Earth in 365.256363004 days(1.00001742096 yr).
  • The Average orbital speed of the Earth is 29.78 km/s(107200 km/h; 66600 mph).
  • The Mean anomaly of Earth is 358.617°.
  • The Inclination of the Earth is 7.155° to the Sun's equator;1.57869° to invariable plane;0.00005° to J2000 ecliptic.
  • The Longitude of ascending node of Earth is −11.26064° to J2000 ecliptic.
  • The Argument of the perihelion of  Earth is 114.20783°.
  • The satellities of the earth are 

  1. 1 natural satellite: the Moon
  2. 5 quasi-satellites
  3. 1 800 operational artificial satellites
  4. 16 000 space debris

The Physical Characteristics of the Earth

  • The Mean radius of Earth is 6371.0 km (3958.8 mi).
  • The Equatorial radius of Earth is 6378.1 km (3963.2 mi).
  • The Polar radius of Earth is 6356.8 km (3949.9 mi).
  • The Ellipticity of Earth is 0.0033528,1/298.257222101 (ETRS89).
  • The Circumference of Eart is 40075.017 km equatorial (24901.461 mi),40007.86 km meridional (24859.73 mi).
  • The total Surface area of Earth is 510072000 km2 (196940000 sq mi),148940000 km2 land (57510000 sq mi; 29.2%),361132000 km2 water (139434000 sq mi; 70.8%).
  • The total Volume of Earth is1.08321×1012 km3 (2.59876×1011 cu mi).
  • The total mass of the Earth is  5.97237×1024 kg (1.31668×1025 lb),(3.0×10−6 M☉).
  • The Mean density of Earth is 5.514 g/cm3 (0.1992 lb/cu in).
  • The Surface gravity of Earth is 9.80665 m/s2 (1 g; 32.1740 ft/s2).
  • The Normalized polar Moment of the inertia factor of Earth is 0.3307.
  • The Escape velocity of Earth is 11.186 km/s(40270 km/h; 25020 mph).
  • The Sidereal rotation period of Earth is 0.99726968 days(23h 56m 4.100s).
  • The Equatorial rotation velocity of Earth is 0.4651 km/s(1674.4 km/h; 1040.4 mph).
  • The Axial tilt of Earth is 23.4392811°.
  • The Albedo of Earth is 0.367 geometric,0.306 Bond.
  • Surface temp.                 min               mean                                 max
  • Kelvin:                            184 K      287.16 K (years 1961-1990)    330 K
  • Celsius:                          −89.2 °C 14.0 °C (years 1961-1990) 56.9 °C
  • Fahrenheit:                  −128.5 °F 57.2 °F (years 1961-1990) 134.3 °F

The atmosphere of Earth consists of?

The surface pressure of Earth is 101.325 kPa (at MSL)

Gases% in Earth

  1. 78.08% nitrogen (N2; dry air)
  2. 20.95% oxygen (O2)
  3. 1% water vapor (climate variable)
  4. 0.9340% argon
  5. 0.0408% carbon dioxide
  6. 0.00182% neon
  7. 0.00052% helium
  8. 0.00017% methane
  9. 0.00011% krypton
  10. 0.00006% hydrogen

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