This water turbine harvests electricity from slow-moving water in remote locations without power.

@waterotor is an efficient and economic renewable energy solution that is especially useful in remote locations worldwide that don’t have power. Waterotor uses marine-safe water turbines to affordably harvest electricity from very low-speed rivers, canals, and ocean currents – with a water flow that’s 2mph to over 6mph.⠀

Founded in 2011, Waterotor uses its pioneering patented hydrokinetic technology that converts over 50% of the available energy in slow-moving water. Its exceptional performance runs 24-hours-a-day, unlike solar energy. This also stems from its innovative features that encompass its rotor and were developed and refined in a NASA wind tunnel.⠀

The heavy-duty rotor blades have curved surfaces on both sides of the blade, which creates a “high drag and high lift to be generated simultaneously.” As a result, it delivers a higher power at slow-moving water speeds. Waterotor also notes, its optimum performance is around 6.5 km/h (1.79 m/sec) 4 mph, whereas its competitors need at least 11km/h (3 m/sec) or 6.6 mph or higher speeds.