This segway-inspired wheelchair gives users the freedom to drive on sand, snow, and forest trails.

⠀This is the @addseat by AddMovement AB, a super-mobile wheelchair inspired by the Segway that allows users to venture out and navigate new terrain that would otherwise be absolutely exhausting in a standard wheelchair. This Swedish innovation allows users to drive on various types of terrain, such as sand, snow, and even bumpy trails in the forest.⠀

Designed for comfort on a durable frame, the AddSeat is like a flexible extension of the body. Equipped with active suspension, you can sit at various heights. This feature enhances the users’ experience when riding along with a child on a bike, or when conversing with a person who is standing.⠀

As compact as a normal wheelchair, the AddSeat is easy to ride an elevator or transport it into a vehicle for an outing or an adventure with friends and family. The AddSeat can be solely purchased, or you can fit it to your own Segway. It’s also available as a complete unit with a Segway gyro.