This coat for the homeless turns into a sleeping bag.

This coat for the homeless turns into a sleeping bag. 

The @empowermentplan, a nonprofit from Detroit, employs and trains previously homeless women to make these coats, allowing them to find a stable job and to get out of the streets.

The coats are made from recycled and donated materials and are completely insulated and waterproof. The organization has distributed more than 35,000 coats for free to the homeless across the globe.

Since 2012, The Empowerment Plan has employed over 80 homeless individuals who have now moved into their own permanent housing and have been able to regain financial stability.

The Empowerment Plan offers resources to ensure long-term success for their employees; such as GED classes, financial literacy seminars, leadership, and professional development workshops.

The goal is to be a stepping stone out of poverty into other employment in the community. You can sponsor a coat for someone in need. Please visit

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