The Malayala Manorama English Yearbook 2020

The Manorama Year Book is helpful to prepare for any government exams and gain knowledge. One of the Bestselling books. Here is The Malayala Manorama English Yearbook 2020.


  • The 55th edition of Manorama English Yearbook 2020 is packed with information spread across 25 sections such as Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Major Government initiatives (GoI), Science and Medicine, Skill Development, Information Technology, Environment, Space, Gender and Social Justice, Education and Career, Art and Culture, Sports, Polity, Indian History, Geography, Economy and International Relations, and much more.
  • 2020 Yearbook has articles on India celebrating the 70th year of becoming a republic, the Spirit of New India --the speech delivered by PM Narendra Modiji,20 exciting careers of future, Youths and Nav Bharat Nirman by Vice President M.Venkaiah Naidu, and My dream of New India by Dr.Shashi Tharoor.
  • The Yearbook also contains articles in areas like Foreign education and Foreign relations, Environmental Issues, Social Justice & Gender equality besides all regular updates like Ethics, People and Places in News, Awards, and Honours.
  • They had launched a new website last year with News stories and events updated every day to keep one abreast of the latest developments. This year we are launching the Manorama Yearbook App. The buyers of Yearbook 2020 will get discounted access to the website and the app.
  • The website and the app contains Daily Current Affairs with short takes and explainers on the important news stories of the day, Special Articles explaining the pros and cons of issues that shape India and the world, Daily Briefing a roundup of news stories, policy decisions, and newsmakers, Quiz with explainers based on current affairs and core subjects, Mock Tests: Tests based on Civil Services Prelims exam, with detailed explainers prepared by India's leading coaching institute Shankar IAS Academy, Subject-wise Tests based on UPSC syllabus prepared by India's leading coaching institute Shankar IAS Academy, Video Lectures and News Analysis on current affairs and core subjects to help students prepare for UPSC prelims and mains.
  • The combination of Manorama Yearbook in Print, Website and the App will not only help you stay updated but also succeed in the competitive exams.